My WhoaBand is great!  No more spilled food.  I have used it to transport pizza, sandwich trays and cupcakes.  There is already enough going on in my car.  The WhoaBand gives me a little peace of mind.  Now I do not need to worry about things sliding off my seat and not only ruining the food, but causing a complete mess.

Kathleen K. 




Just getting down my driveway used to cause frustration as all my stuff would fall and spill but NOW with the WhoaBand everything is better!  Nothing falls or spills!  It is simple to put on, easy to use and makes life better.  Even when it is not in use it doesn't get in the way.  I just wish I had thought of the WhoaBand!  It's the best!

Phylisan P. 



Love my WhoaBand!  No more spilled coffees on that morning breakfast run!  No more taking my eyes off the road to try to right those spilled bevvies before the lids come loose!  Thank you, WhoaBand!

George H. 



What a difference the WhoaBand has made! It keeps my handbag, grocery bag or any other item that's in my passenger seat secure. I use it every time I drive. It's remarkable that such a small accessory can make such a big difference.

Barbara W. 




The WhoaBand has made it possible to organise my mobile life.  Whereas before all my stuff was scattered everywhere now I keep it safe.  My flask, lunchbox, files, etc all stay secured on the seat.  I've lost count of the number of flasks smashed after flying onto the floor pre-WhoaBand.  I would be lost without it!

Louise D. 




 I was given my first WhoaBand as a gift, but now I use it everyday!  It was a cinch to install and once in place, is there unobtrusively whenever I need it.  Since I am one of those moms (and teachers) with bags in tow everywhere I go, I use the WhoaBand everyday.   If I am not returning items, I am buying, but am always toting.  It is more convenient to keep everything in the front seat than in the back and now with the WhoaBand, my packages stay ON the seat and OFF of the dirty front mats.  Once you have one, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner!

Jill K. 




I love the WhoaBand!  I use it every day for my pocketbook and find it so useful for lots of things!  I use it to take my pans to my Pampered Chef shows.  Easily transported a trifle to a party last night!

Lena S. 



 It will totally transform your whole driving experience.  You know how much stuff you can accumulate on the passenger seat?  Personally I was totally done with trying to save it all from flying off the seat.  Now I have a WhoaBand and my passenger seat is FOREVER changed!

Justine S.